Hazelnut cacao balls.jpg

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Hazelnut cacao balls

Chocolate Chickpeas.jpg

I know this sounds weird, and it is... deliciously weird! Even I was sceptical the first time I made them but it was love at first bite! 

Chocolate Chickpeas

Almond & Honey Cookies.jpg

If you like almonds, make these cookies. If you like honey, make these cookies. If you want an easy, no refined sugar, gluten free, dairy free, minimal ingredient treat… make these cookies. I’ve been experimenting with the recipe and I think I’ve finally nailed it.

Almond & Honey Cookies

Lemon Curd.jpg

I first made this for brunch with a friend who, for health reasons, can’t have sugar. It was a bit of an experiment but I can honestly say we both absolutely loved it! It was the perfect compliment to our pancakes and it’s something I know I will make time and time again. 

Sugar free lemon curd

Sweet seed crackers.jpg

I call these crackers but they have enough sweetness to satisfy a craving and are deliciously moorish. Inspired by my friend Catrina from @plantedfamilies everyone who tried them loved them! 

Sweet Seed Crackers

S'mores Bake.jpg

This is the such an easy dessert to put together and needless to say the kids loved it! (Almost as much as the adults) Note the stack of napkins in the picture ... you will need them! 

S'mores Bake

Banana nice cream.jpg

Banana nice cream

Banana Nice Cream