We love a colour theme in our home! Its so much fun and how beautiful does all this red fruit look? Presenting my children with something like this always makes them smile and that’s definitely my idea of eat happy.  

Red Fruit Platter


Do your kids like sweets as much as mine?! And yes, I do let my children have sweets sometimes. I believe in moderation, balance and teaching a healthy relationship with all food. BUT ... if I can make something healthy, tasty and still feel like a treat then I’m a happy mummy. Recipe for these in the sweet treats section. 

Homemade Sweets


Funky apples

Funky Apples

Sweet Oatcakes.jpg

I never realised how easy oatcakes were to make till I tried to make them myself. And my kids love them! 

Sweet Oatcakes

Green Snack Tray.jpg

Green is my favourite food colour! It’s actually my favourite colour. This is a pretty good representation of how my kids snack, lots of fruit and veggies, some healthy fats from nuts and seeds and of course a little sweety.

Green Snack Tray


Ever seen a blue banana muffin? Ever tasted one? If you want to all you need to do is add a little blue spirulina powder to the banana muffin recipe over in the sweet treats section. To get them pink add pink pitaya powder. I started doing this when I cut out refined sugar from my baking and thought I needed a fun distraction because I was worried the flavour would be different from ‘normal’ muffins. Turns out we all prefer healthier muffins anyway so now the colours are just for fun!  

Pink & Blue Muffins


Sharing platters is something we’re doing more and more of... and one of the things I love the most is that when I serve this to my children they seem to interact more over their meal. They chat about all sorts of stuff, what they’re eating and really enjoy the whole experience. 

Sharing Platter


Fruit & Fractions. My littles absolutely love doing this! 🍏❤️ I give each of them some fruit, a child safety knife and a chopping board; we cut the fruit into pieces and talk about what we’re doing in terms of fractions. Sofia loves playing teacher and demonstrating using #numicons as an extra visual aid. They’re interacting with each other, having fun, practicing knife skills, learning math and eating fruit ... a perfect snacktivity! 🍎💙

Fruit & Fractions

Sausage Mummies.jpg

We did these for Halloween and they were a huge hit! I just cooked my kids favourite sausages in the oven, let them cool down and then wrapped them with thin layers of puff pastry. Bake for as long as the pasty pack says and they’re done! 

Sausage Mummies

Orange Snack Tray.jpg

Orange snack tray... we love a colour themed snack tray. It really gets children engaged in thinking about food and that can only be a good thing.

Orange Snack Tray


Who doesn’t love a melon baller?! I have no idea why my kids love balled fruit so much but they do! 

Fruit Platter


Pink pancakes

Pink Pancakes


Movie night is a bit of a tradition in our house ... and movie night needs snacks! I like to have a variety of snacks... and of course popcorn!

Movie Night Spread

Strawberry milk.jpg

Do your kids like strawberry milkshake? Then they will love this. And so will you. It’s full of real strawberry deliciousness and good stuff...and so much better than anything store bought. 🍓I use almond milk but feel free to use any milk you like. You’ll need two cups almond milk, two cups chopped strawberries, one or two teaspoons maple syrup & 1 teaspoon vanilla. Blitz together till smooth. Enjoy. 🍓

Strawberry Milk

Fruit Sorbet.jpg

When it’s a gloriously sunny day it’s time for one ingredient sorbet. Except I couldn’t decide if I wanted mango or raspberry so made both. So does that make it two ingredients? And then I drizzled some honey on top... so does that make it three ingredients? Anyway... the point is that each of these delicious sorbet flavours is just one real ingredient... frozen fruit. The yellow one is mango (peeled chopped and frozen when really ripe) and the pink one is raspberry; blitzed together in a powerful food processor. You can of course add other flavours, a little honey or maple syrup to sweeten, some vanilla ... but essentially... it’s fruit! And how deliciously wonderful is that?! 💛💗

Fruit Sorbet