Christianna is a qualified Nutritionist specialising in women's health, weight management and family nutrition.

In her clinical practice she takes a personalised approach to each client, designing bespoke health plans. Her aim is to guide her clients to make lasting, meaningful changes that optimise their health and wellbeing.

While she knows the importance and power of food, she takes a holistic approach that often goes beyond what we eat. With a background and qualifications in Psychology & Psychotherapy as well as Nutrition, she is particularly interested in promoting a positive relationship with food. 

Founder of EatHappyFeelGood - a concept that encompasses her belief that eating should be a joyful experience that supports our health and makes us feel great.   

She is a passionate cook who loves food, and regularly develops delicious healthy recipes, showing that nutritious eating is enjoyable; but also easy and accessible to everyone. 

She has appeared on TV discussing nutrition, created healthy menus for restaurants, and developed healthy recipes for well known brands, as well as individual clients with specific dietary requirements. 

Healthy Food Editor for popular parenting magazine Cherubs, where she has a regular column and shares seasonal recipes. 


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